One in Five Marathon Relay - 2018 Hazardous Weather Plan

The Hope Network One in Five Marathon Relay may be delayed from the posted start times due to hazardous weather or environmental conditions if conditions are deemed hazardous to participant safety.  Cancellation of the event as a result of extended delays will be considered and determined by Hope Network One in Five Marathon Relay staff.

LIGHTNING. An electrical storm or the detection of lighting within the race course area within one hour of all start times will be considered life threatening to all participants.  As a result, timing mats will be deactivated to avoid threat of injury or death.  A delay or cancellation of the race may be made when hazardous weather conditions exist.  While the determination is being made, participants, volunteers and spectators are expected to take shelter, or return to nearby vehicles.

HIGH WINDS. If high winds are present, extra care will be taken to secure race signage, start and finish areas, mile markers, fencing, banners, timing clocks and other equipment associated with the Hope Network One in Five Marathon Relay.

TORNADO WATCH OR WARNING. The Hope Network One in Five Marathon Relay will be canceled or delayed if any of the following weather conditions exist: Tornado Warning, Tornado Watch, Thunderstorm and/or Heavy Rain.

TEMPERATURE.  Due to potential of extreme heat exposure, heat stroke and exhaustion can occur when the body is exposed to moderate or high temperatures and moderate to high humidity levels. If above average temperatures are present the morning of the race, participants are expected to seek and remain in shaded areas as long as possible before, during and following the race. Adequate supplies of water and electrolyte replacements will be available on the course, near the start/finish line area(s) and throughout the event area.  A medical tent and ambulance will be stocked with adequate supplies of fluid replacements, cold compresses and electrolyte tablets.  If experiencing symptoms related to heat stroke or heat exhaustion, all participants are required to seek medical attention immediately.

NON-WEATHER RELATED HAZARD.  Occasionally, a situation (e.g. flooding or local emergency) may arise that could obstruct the race course and/or the ability for staff to effectively continue the race and associated activities.  Prior to and throughout the race, consideration will be given to re-routing the course, delaying the event or cancelling the event as a result of the situations. 

REFUND POLICY.  Consistent with other races and events, and due to the non-refundable expenses associated with preparing the Hope Network One in Five Marathon Relay, registration and sponsorship donations and fees are non-refundable, and funds will used to support awareness and treatment efforts related to mental health.